Puppy Love? Or must we wait to be dogs?

by icedtehc


In today’s Singaporean society, an odd taboo, especially for many parents, is the idea of their teenage children dating.

I’ve in a Boys’ School for 10 years now, and this year (2012) is my first year enrolled into a mixedschool since kindergarten. You could say the experience was ‘enlightening’? Many of my friends have puppy-dated before, on and off, most of them secretly. It was a repeated Romeo and Juliet story, just that instead of a parents’ feud, it was a taboo – One I did not fully understand.

What was going on here? What was going supposedly ‘WRONG’? Don’t forget, back then, couples were more or less SET FROM BIRTH, and started dating at 12 or something. Now, people are given freedom to love who they want. Is this freedom slowly drifting away?

I believe the issue starts at home and heightens in school. From young, kids are taught that studies came FIRST; Dating was something to be saved more than a decade more. And when we’re talking about studies in Singapore, we are talking about unnecessary stresses and for some, MENTAL TORTURE. This is not good. 

When a child does not meet his/her parents expectations for ANYTHING, canes may emerge, voices may louden, hell could literally break lose. This is how Singapore functions, and when Singaporean youths are pampered, the psychological impact of such scoldings MULTIPLY.  I am talking about the decrease in the feeling of affection. This is not a search for parental love, this is a search for general feelings of affection, of understanding, of comfort.

For Singaporean youths, school is our 2nd home. If we don’t see our family, we see out school/classmates, and this is where the hunt for affection begins. As the hunt grows more desperate, the frequency of crushes increase. REMEMBER, THIS IS PSYCHOLOGICAL. ONE WOULDN’T EVEN NOTICE IT VOLUNTARILY. Some psychology studies even suggest that admission to single-sex schools at the peak of puberty might even create an affection-seeking bombready to explode. SOME, even credit this to the cause of homo/bi-sexuality (but that’s a story for another day ^^)!

As human beings, affection is a must. Some will need more than others. In the end, it’s finding the right source to provide the right type and right amount of said affection. Studies are important in today’s bustling business world, but are they worth psychological impacts? The answer is clear.

We’re all on the hunt, I guess The Hunger Games were right! So…