The Revolution has begun.

by icedtehc

Every blog starts off with an intro.

My name as you might already know is Athanasius, another man in the crowd. What many might know about me is that I love Taylor Swift, sneakers, TV, etc. But some may not know about my interest in politics; be it in the Singapore scene or the global scene in general.

With the American elections heating up (especially) in the Republican primaries and the last Singaporean General and Presidential elections peaking the mountains of Twitter trends, I feel that this is a good time to be a pixel in the picture.

However, I feel that nowadays, politics is just a matter of who is the more popular democrat, or who is the most popular capitalist. Ideologies from Anarchy to Theocracy have been debated in history, both their advantages and disadvantages. Because of such ‘modernizations’ most people simply have the narrow-minded idea of Communism=Evil, Democracy = Angelic Good. Is this true? I don’t think so.

In this blog I will discuss my thoughts and facts about certain ideologies as well as social issues ruling the modern world such as gay rights, racism, etc.