by icedtehc

From the looks of it, this is my first post totally about my life and I. No social issues, no politics (okay, maybe a little), just another window to look at me from a different perspective! Do expect less formalities, I should warn you…

As usual, something drew me to write about today’s topic and it all started with a Speech Communication lesson where we were expected to come up with a 2.5 minute speech within 30 minutes about an individual (fact or fiction) that possesses virtues, characteristics, etc. that we wish to emulate and display in the future not only as human beings but as students of Mass Communication. A ‘BRAND‘ AS THEY CALLED IT.

So there I went, my first 2 thoughts – Taylor Swift and Adolf Hitler.

Taylor Swift, as most of my friends would know, is a huge inspiration to me, she has taught me the importance of being fearless, how to have fun in all that I do and recently, teaching a boy who’s spent 10 years in a boys’ school how to treat a girl he cares about. However, I knew I had more inspirations, definitely more that can relate me to media.

Adolf Hitler on the other hand, was an affluent speaker and an incredibly intelligent strategist but let’s be honest here, he’s still Adolf Hitler. Looking like the total opposite of Taylor Swift, he could relate more to media but as a human being? Come on.

I hit link after link on Google, finding a suitable candidate, that’s when it hit me. I thought of the man I once called “The Awesome Grandfather I Always Wished I Had” (because my real maternal grandfather passed away before my cousins and I were born). If you haven’t identified him from the above picture – I was thinking of the First President and Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, Mr Ho Chi Minh.

I already knew some basic facts about him from prior readings and I knew he would be an inspiration to me as a:

  • Student
  • Strategist
  • and most important of all – FRIEND.

Allow me to break these down further 🙂

Student – As a young boy, Ho Chi Minh quickly mastered Chinese writing and studied Confucianism which combined with his experiences with Korean Nationalists later in life, developed his political outlook. Despite having a rather stable job as a waiter and pastry chef apprentice in England, he went to France to educate himself in something he knew he enjoyed, which was where he slowly approached the idea of Communism.

Like Ho Chi Minh, there was a reason I chose to go to a Polytechnic, to pursuit something I know I loved – Media. I may have other interests as well, such as media and sociology, but I guess is what I do with my media skills that matters, eh? It’s how I link my interests together that make me what I am!

Strategist – Ho Chi Minh was a determined individual who used what he had – a few AKs, limited bullets and bamboo, to defeat the strongest army at the time, and unify Vietnam under Communist rule. He thought through every plan and even used innovation to design the simplest, yet most effective weapons used in the war. “Nothing is more precious than independence and liberty.” To put it simply, his resourcefulness, innovation and determination are something I hope to achieve in my future endeavors.

FRIEND – “It was patriotism, not Communism, that inspired me.” Also my political inspiration, what set Ho Chi Minh apart was his style of leadership. President was only a title for him. He was close to his people, he was a friend. He had a charisma that was undeniable, and an influence to match. Some might consider him a ringleader, but I believe him to be a true leader. I too have once stated that I want to help build up Singapore, not as a “high ranking minister”, but as a friend. I’m not aiming to be a President or a Prime Minister of any kind, but instead, an individual that has the ability to make changes and yet can be approached when needed – A FRIEND. Of course, this not only applies politically but also socially, because honestly, friendship ranks higher than safety in my opinion.

I now leave you with this clip of Ho Chi Minh truly incredible talent in conversing in French (skip to 1:17)-