A Curry Conundrum

by icedtehc

It’s 23 July 2012, and if you’ve browsed Facebook, if you browsed Twitter, if you’ve heard your friends complaints, you would know that McDonald’s has started the island-wide charging of 30 cents per additional packet of sauce for your McNuggets as you can see in the picture above. I’ve looked through comments, on Facebook pictures, on Twitter and even on Yahoo! News and as expected, this new policy is not well-received and the comments have gone so far as to say that McDonald’s have adopted the Pay And Pay (PAP) method in conducting their sales and that they wish to BOYCOTT THE LARGEST CHAIN OF FAST FOOD RESTAURANT IN SINGAPORE?!

Well, I guess you could say this is another way media can hide the full story. Attached above is the picture that’s been passed around – a simple table stating to you the amount of free sauce you are entitled to until you have to start paying 30cent/packet. What many have failed to realise, that if you went to the actual SAUCE source of the picture, you’d realise that McDonald’s themselves issued a statement on why these charges were even implemented. The link will be in the ‘Links‘ page of this blog, but to save your finger from all that scrolling, here’s a screenshot of the statement –

Emphasis on “…to help reduce wastage…”, and seeing where they’re coming from, I absolutely understand. On almost every one of my McDonald’s visits, I would see Singaporeans asking for so much sauces, and yet, use only one or two packets. The others? They simply go down the trash with all those boxes and wrappers. In fact, from my personal observations, unless you are literally drinking the sauces, the number of free sauces each individual is entitled to is pretty reasonable. I’m also happy to know that many of my friends also agree that the numbers stated are reasonable!

Besides, it’s only 30cents. McDonald’s doesn’t get those sauces for free, I’m actually surprised they didn’t charge people for the sauces right from the start. What is 30cents in a first-world, democratic country like Singapore? If you really like Curry Sauce like you said you do, let’s be honest here, 30cents is nothing. I’ll honestly be quite surprised if the company actually breaks even with the 30cents policy.

Don’t forget, McDonald’s did conduct a trial on selected branches before implementing this policy, and I’m sure that the contrasts between these branches and all the others were big enough for them to make this decision, and if it really does reduce waste, there’s no argument, 30cents is the right way to go. If money has to be spent from my own pocket for the sake of saving resources and saving the environment while I enjoy my Curry/BBQ Sauce, McDonald’s certainly have my vote. “Thank you for your understanding…“, they said. It’s a pity that many Singaporeans don’t. It’s more than that extra packet of sauce for your fries, it’s a little packet that can affect the economy and the environment. I urge all of you to understand and to –