Why was Kohmmunism started?
The name ‘Kohmmunism’ was started as a combination of my interest in political ideologies (including Communism) and my intense enjoyment of using surnames as puns, including my own (Koh) of course ūüėÄ
The blog itself however, started as a place to simply pen down my thoughts on certain issues at hand, but has since slowly become a place for people to look at certain sides and think from the side that is against social norm and in the end, come up with their own conclusion, their own thoughts on the matter.

What gave you your interest in politics or social issue in general?
I would say it’s difficult to pinpoint a certain event or time that just sparked the interest in me, but I guess it’s a combination of factors. Some of these factors include politics within my CCA in secondary school, the mind-blowing I had when I read Animal Farm by George Orwell and a curiousity in general into different ideologies and how these ideologies look to solve certain issues. Especially in an environment where I’m usually the kid with a lot to say, I’ve learnt to listen to other opinions, be it constructive or non-constructive.

Which party do you support (in Singapore)?
Personally, I find it difficult to fully support a single party in Singapore, even if it’s a matter of Ruling vs. Opposition. Singapore’s politics to me mainly boils down to views on¬†separate¬†issues, rather than different and distinct ideologies like in countries such as Australia, USA, Canada, etc. where you have Communists, Socialists, Greens, Libertarians, etc. This makes it hard as ¬†Singapore is mostly democracy based. This means that on one issue, I may agree with party A, but on another issue, I may agree with Party B. My only alternative, in terms of support, is actually the individuals themselves – the presentations, the speeches, the solutions presented to me during rally, greetings, etc. It’s hard to judge the cover, but for me, the cover’s all I have.

How do you choose what you want to write about?
It depends, really. Some of my articles such as “A Curry¬†Conundrum¬†¬†and “A ‚ÄėPremier‚Äô¬†Perspective”¬†are influenced by topics that are flooding the webs during that point in time, while other articles, such as “Dying¬†Dialects” and ¬†“Finishing the¬†Fin” may never surface, but I’ve been meaning to pen down my opinions on such touchy topics. Of course, sometimes I get inspired from events in my life as I have indicated in some of my articles, including “Branded” and “Who‚Äôs the real¬†Terrorist?“.

What’s with¬†‘IcedTehC’?
It started with me loving (and sometimes obsessing) over a drink – Iced Tea with Evaporated Milk. Loving it to the point it became my Twitter name – it became a nickname. However, to me, it has grown into a deeper meaning.
When you think about it, most Singaporeans my age might not even know what Teh-C is, after all, it’s part of the historic ‘kopitiam-slang’. With a drink like Teh-C, there’s almost no other way to order it – no English name, no Chinese name, etc. A tasty drink like that, and yet it’s existence is virtually unknown. Teh-C thus struck me as factor of Singapore’s culture – it’s name, it’s ingredients, and unfortunately, it’s anonymity.