Wow, it’s been more than a year since I last posted. It’s quite interesting how time can simply fly so fast. However, as always, we like to ask “why” here on this site so…WHY. Why the so-called hiatus?

I could say that I have been busy with other affairs, which is true to a certain extent considering one of the toughest semesters of my education, but the simple fact is that I learnt and I relearnt.

The idea was that after some time I thought I learnt understood “Ignorance is Bliss” – The idea that if you do not care, then it does not matter. Here’s the main issue to that: Even if I don’t recognise it, it’s still there.

Everything posted here has been controversial to a certain extent and no doubt have a heard various feedbacks regarding my opinions. Ignoring them was one thing, but one thing led to another and I was ignoring this site. The idea was – no site = no comments =  no problem. Oops.

The problem of alternative feedback was what I was looking for from the start, so ignoring the site would be contradictory to the site’s purpose as ironic as it may seem. I guess I took “Ignorance is Bliss” to a whole new level (which interfered a bit with my life; but that’s a whole other story or perhaps a post). Talk about a learning (or rather, relearning) opportunity.

Well, I’m back. (I hope)

I’m currently in Western Australia on a school trip and trust me, “overwhelming” is an understatement to describe the amount of different perspectives I have been receiving on various topics. I have gained insight on ecology, racial divides, geology, etc. and to top it all off, my phone died with about 2 weeks of the trip more to go. On the optimistic side, I guess I’m looking forward to how I can survive this first world problem, and who knows, that might result in another post. After all –

When challenges come our way – what counts is how we get back.